2022 Face of Horror Contest

Tessa N Thomas-Peterson the Founder of Four Corners Paranormal Investigations and We Are Paradox Media is asking for your HELP!!! Tessa joined a contest known as Face of Horror. The contest started on September 6th and will run until October 10th. She has made it through several rounds (1st Rnd "Child's Play", 2nd Rnd "Gauntlet Round", 3rd Rnd "Conjure Round").

The following rounds will be:

"Nightmare Round" - (Top 10) Sept 29th-Oct 6th

"Sacrificial Round" - (Top 5) Oct 6th-Oct 13th

"Re-Animator Round" - (where 2nd place competes) Oct 14th-Oct 16th

"Hellraiser Round" - (Sacraficial/Re-Animater Round will compete) Oct 28th-Nov 3rd, at this point VOTES will be RESET and PUBLIC VOTING will determine the TOP Competitor from each group.

"Apocalypse" - (Oct 28th-Nov 3rd) Top Competitors will move on.

"Final Cut" - (Nov 4th-Nov 10th) VOTES will RESET and public voting will determine which competitor will be the 2022 Face of Horror Grand Prize Winner

To help Tessa win the 2022 Face of Horror Grand Prize please vote at the link below!


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